Pinterest for Business

Pinterest for Business by Karen Leland

Entreprenuer Magazine’s Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business


Every January 1st, I sit down at my dining room table, glue sticks, scissors, and stacks of magazines at the ready. For several hours I hunker down to cut and paste images and words onto an 8.5-by-11-inch piece of white card stock. The final product is a personal vision board for the year—a place where all my goals, hopes, plans, and purposes are represented on one neat, tidy piece of paper. 

Pinterest is the digital version of this cutting and pasting process—but much less messy since no glue sticks enter the picture. As with any analog inspiration board, your own creativity is the driving force behind what you curate, but with Pinterest you have the added advantage of being able to put up both images and videos.  Whether you think Pinterest is the hottest thing since sliced bread and you know you need to be on it or you’re already a member and looking to achieve peak performance, it’s the aim of Ultimate Guide to Pinterest for Business to help you use Pinterest to its maximum capability. The book aims to provide both beginning users and seasoned veterans with the ability to find their specific area of interest “at a glance.”  It uses step-by-step how-to, sidebars, examples, case studies, expert interviews, and tip sheets to show you how, from setup to strategy, you can use Pinterest for your promotional, branding, and marketing objectives. To this end, the book explores: 


  • The ins and outs of signing up and getting started on Pinterest 
  • Building boards that get noticed, drive traffic, and convert fans into customers 
  • Creating your Pinterest community through high-engagement activities, contests, social media outreach, and smart pinning strategies 
  • Specific marketing applications of Pinterest to small businesses, from architecture firms to theater companies 
  • Strategies for becoming a power Pinterest user and creating an enthusiastic following 
  • Best practices for pins that promote, including image optimization, consistent branding, social media integration, and high-value content 
  • Pinterest etiquette 
  • A plan to implement all the “to-do” items you generate out of this book. 

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