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Want to know where you are on the Modern Marketing Pyramid™? Take this fast and easy ten-question quiz, hit send and you will instantly be rewarded with an overview of where you stand and some suggestions for moving your business and brand to the next level.

Consider each of the following ten questions separately and base your answers on how things stand today — not on your plans for the future. Keep in mind that the word “we” in these questions refers to the royal we – in other words your business – be it a one-person shop or a hundred person small business.

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We use social media (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest) to build brand awareness, engagement and traffic to our website.

We are proactively engaged in media outreach about our business (through press releases, blog tours, guest posting, etc.) to both online and offline outlets such as blogs, radio, magazines, newspapers and television.

We can clearly articulate our brand and can speak authentically and easily about our brand attributes, promise and uniqueness in less than two minutes.

We speak at industry conferences, association meetings and other groups that would be interested in our business and/or area of expertise.

We have identified the most important keywords for our business and integrate SEO into our website copy, blog posts, articles and other content.

We have developed substantial content such as blog posts, articles, e-books, white papers, podcasts and videos around our area of expertise and use these for lead-generation and lead-nurturing purposes.

We have defined the profile and characteristics of our ideal client and develop marketing materials, services and “free offers” that speak to this audience.

We update our website as needed so that it is well designed, well written and on brand and incorporates best practices such as social media, calls to action and offers designed to create engagement.

We have written a full-length book (self or traditionally published) and spend time and energy promoting it.

We respond to reporter queries about our business and expertise on sites such as HARO, ProfNet and Reporter Connection.

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