Strategic Offsites

In my 25 years as a management and marketing consultant, I’ve interviewed thousands of executives all over the world and asked them, “What is the single biggest challenge you face at work? invariably, I hear a variation on the same theme.

 “Striking a balance between staying focused on immediate business results while remaining dedicated to our company mission and long-term goals. All while navigating the totally wired world of business today.” 

At SMG, we work with leaders and their teams to address this common complaint by applying the world-class principles and best practices necessary to build a strong personal, department or company brand from the inside out. Our offerings for organizations include:

We stay with you throughout the process by facilitating your team in first setting a clear direction, then developing the ingrained and intelligent productivity habits necessary to stay on track. Finally, we will support you in remaining true to your vision, strategy and goals by walking your talk through integrating your personal brand into your leadership style. 

Setting Your Direction: an intensive, off-site strategy planning session

Karen Leland, founder of SMG, consults with leaders to clarify session objectives, conduct pre-off-site assessments, design an experience high in participation and facilitate a robust discussion with full engagement.

Each phase of the off-site is customized to support executives and their leadership teams in achieving greater alignment, clearer communication and enhanced focus.

During the session, teams identify specific plans of action for both individuals and groups and then commit to their fulfillment.

This session is appropriate for:

  • Kickoff, creation and planning for high-profile initiatives.
  • Marketing & branding projects, including an overall plan for the integration of new media.
  • The creation of solid team alignment on current goals, strategies and projects.
  • Solving and optimizing time management and personal productivity team issues.

Personal Productivity in a Digital Age: staying on track 

This session is a comprehensive program that enables executives, individual contributors and teams to develop the time literacy skills required to:

  • Stay on track to effectively implement agreed-upon strategies and objectives.
  • Overcome information overload and increase focus thresholds.
  • Prevent the productivity and time traps unique to a digital age.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of project implementation that can lead to lost business, missed opportunities and unfulfilled leadership and team potential.

A variety of activities and resources, including personal and group assessments, workshops, training sessions, executive coaching and follow-up materials are available to assist leaders and their teams in bringing continued focus to their most important strategies and projects.

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Personal Branding and Leadership Development: walking the talk  

How can today’s determined, yet overburdened, leaders walk their talk and act as role models for the values and priorities they espouse, all while simultaneously shepherding initiatives from creation to implementation in a high-demand work environment?

When all is said and done, it’s the moment-to-moment choices and decisions that enable effective leaders to both model and implement the skills necessary to exceed expectations.

Available in both workshop and coaching formats, this program is designed to help leaders identify their own unique and authentic way of walking their talk via the creation of their personal brand.

Using our proven Brand Mapping™ process, leaders create and implement the eight elements of an engaging and effective personal brand. Highlights include:

  • Developing a brand story that is both authentic and informative.
  • Creating a unique branding proposition and promise.
  • Using language that sets you apart.
  • Identifying personal brand enhancers, diffusers and neutralizers.
  • Applying personal-brand habits that strengthen the implementation of projects and strategic initiatives.
  • Uncovering your core personal brand personality. 

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