Personal Branding

Personal branding is not just a single statement or a clever quip but a multilayered, congruent story told across multiple channels, both online and off. The power is in knowing how to tell the story.

How can today’s experts, entrepreneurs and enterprise leaders walk their talk and act as role models for the values and priorities they espouse, all while simultaneously shepherding initiatives from creation to implementation in high-demand work environments?

Personal branding is one of the key factors that influence the moment-to-moment choices and decisions that enable effective individuals to achieve peak performance.

Through the SMG Personal Brand Audit and Personal Brand Mapping™ process, small business owners, high level entrepreneurs and executives identify their own unique and authentic way of being and working in the world.

The Personal Brand Audit

This initial step is designed to capture, assess and present feedback on the current state of the individual’s personal brand from within various cross sections of their world and workplace. Once completed, this assessment can form the basis for implementing strategically sound improvements that will help the manager or executive move their brand to the next level. This first step involves:

  • Telephone and face-to-face interviews with selected peers, co-workers and staff on brand perception and current level of advocacy.
  • Confidential Web-based questionnaire to determine brand strengths and weaknesses.

The Personal Brand Mapping Process©

  • Developing a brand story that is both authentic and informative. What is your personal brand narrative, and how can it be most powerfully presented?
  • Creating a unique branding proposition and promise. What is it that you bring to any situation you are a part of?
  • Using language that sets you apart. How can your use of language create greater influence and meaning?
  • Achieving clarity on your current level of client and co-worker advocacy. Where do you stand today in terms of personal brand reputation, and is that where you want to be?
  • Identifying personal brand diffusers and neutralizers and coming up with a brand enhancement plan. In what ways are you helping or hurting your personal brand?
  • Integrating personal-brand habits that strengthen the implementation of projects, strategic initiatives and key goals. How can you set a plan for consciously being your personal brand vs. a default way of being?
  • Uncovering your core personal brand personality. What is the essence of your personal brand energy?
  • Translating personal brand into work-specific behaviors in such areas as giving presentations, running meetings, networking and mentoring. How can your actions, what you say and what you believe line up with your personal brand in everyday work and career situations?

Personal Brand In Action – Optional Follow-Up

Once the foundational personal branding work is done, clients have the option of working with Karen Leland to set up, review and make recommendations and changes to the client’s main social media sites of LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others.

In addition Karen can work with the client to craft an updated, long-form, professional biography and short-form social media profiles that represent the client’s personal brand and highlight their most relevant and significant attributes.

Highly targeted coaching sessions with Karen in preparation for upcoming public speaking situations, networking events, meetings and other venues requiring a strong expression of personal brand are also available.

For those clients requiring a new or updated website, Karen works in concert with an award winning web designer to brand, write and manage the development of a modern marketing website that powerfully represents the client’s personal and business brand.

Contact Karen about her Brand Mapping Process©